Recommended Gear for a Gravel Fondo

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

While we have aid stations, sweep riders, medical staff, and the support of your fellow, be aware portions of the course do not have cell phone coverage so in the event of an emergency or inclement weather, you’ll need to be self-sufficient. Sweeps and marshals can’t bring all riders back, it’s for those whom have circumstances where they can no longer progress under their own power.

Take care for yourself by bringing the following on the ride:

  1. Rain cape or wind jacket – please bring both to race, and we’ll advise at race start on which is recommended.

  2. Minimum 2 bottles, even a Camelbak type of drinking setup.

  3. Seat bag, handlebar bag, to store tools food, try not to have all your gear in your back pockets of your jersey.

  4. 42mm wide Tires are highly recommended in order to avoid pinch flats or punctures.

  5. Warm under helmet beanie, cycling cap to keep your head dry and wind proof. (If it looks like it will be a wet day)

  6. Full fingered gloves.

  7. 2 tube, 1 patch kit, C02 and/or pump (a small pump is recommended).

  8. Bear Spray / Air Horn (We are riding in pristine wilderness and there is always a chance to encounter bears or cougars).

  9. Multi tool with/and a chain breaker.Your preferred race nutrition to supplement between aid stations

  10. Bicycle GPS with uploaded map, Cell phone / ID

Bring the following additional items to the start, and use if the day’s expected conditions warrant:

  • Arm and leg warmers

  • A base underlayer

  • A fender or rat-tail.

If you have any other questions about what to bring, reach out to us at


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